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Scarab Digital is a content creation and post-production service company that specializes in rental and operation of dailies and finishing systems from all file-based production cameras.

Our background and practical set experience gives us the unique perspective and ability to meet the immediate needs of the dynamically evolving digital filmmaking industry.

For over 16 years, Scarab Digital has been servicing the film industry. Working with a wide range of clients, from independent producers to major television networks and film studios, we bring our outstanding technical skills to the science of motion picture production.

We take great care to ensure our clients achieve their creative vision through service, flexibility and overall commitment to quality.

Experience a new standard of service delivery.

At Scarab Digital, we take pride in our attention to detail, strong work ethic and personalized service. We work collaboratively with our clients in developing and delivering innovative solutions and workflows that meet or exceed expectations.

Address your needs with our tailored solutions.

We understand that each production has unique needs - we adopt the latest technologies and adapt custom-fitted tool sets to sui each particular production's needs without the brick and mortar costs.

Simply manage your end-to-end production needs.

With our experience and hands-on understanding, producers can finally benefit from end to end production workflow - from acquisition to post under one roof.

Save money for your production with our experience.

Not only do you save with our competitive pricing, our 16 years of production experience pays off in your favour. Because it's likely we've worked on something similar, we know how to do it cost effectively.

Improve production efficiency and quality with the latest technologies.

Scarab Digital is constantly testing new and emerging technologies reglarly, so that "outside of the box" ideas can be explored with immediate feedback of the results. Producers can maximize their dollar value on screen instead of behind the scenes. This means producers can concentrate on the creative and let Scarab Digital deal with the "how".

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