A popular cost-effective large format image display solution for productions, for both PMP Projection and Virtual Production instances, Scarab Digital stocks only the best in class laser projectors and offers a great variety of short & long lenses and project surface sizes.

Our stock of advanced 3-Chip laser projectors offers benefits beyond those of traditional xenon bulb light source:

  • Lower noise levels – Laser projectors can be operated at as low as 33 dB (around a soft whisper) while xenon bulbs operate at beyond 53 dB (like an air conditioner) due to the fan required for cooling. This opens countless possibilities for our productions, like being able to place our high-lumen projectors within the shooting the shooting set 6 ft. directly above a car.
  • Longer lamp life – Laser projectors have an expected lamp life of 20,000 hours compared to only 2,500 hours for a xenon bulb. Much like a car value depreciates the moment it drives off the lot, a projector brightness starts decaying once the lamp is turned on. A traditional bulb loses brightness far sooner than a laser projector, so Scarab Digital’s productions can reliably count on the brightest output for a much longer time.
  • Flicker-free projection – Evolving camera technologies allow cinematographers to shoot variable film rates, and Scarab Digital ensures our projectors can adapt and perform their best at any frame rate flicker-free.

Call us to find out how Scarab Digital’s range of projectors and lenses can help with your PMP or Virtual Production project.

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