Jenny Wilson, Production Designer, The Flash

I have had the pleasure of working with Scarab Digital for many years, and for the last five years on The Flash. The Scarab team is professional and unbelievably accomplished. The graphics are cutting edge and visually stunning. We have worked together on very short deadlines, where things change at the eleventh hour, and Scarab […]

Nicholas Dibley, Props Master, Main Event

I have had the pleasure of working with Scarab Digital since 1998. As Property Master, when Scarab handles playback on my cell phones, tablets and laptops, everything always has and does go seamlessly on set. Whether we are using art designed by production or by art created and designed by Scarab which is more often […]

Glen Winter, Director, Arrow/Supergirl

It’s all true… you guys are awesome!!! I have worked with Danny and his great team on many projects including Arrow and Supergirl. I usually have several specific requests, often on short notice, for playback. Everything from the look and animation of the graphics to how they interface with the actors. Scarab has never failed […]

Eric Wallace, Showrunner/Executive Producer, The Flash

Some producers don’t think playback elements are anything to get excited about. That what’s on a monitor in the background doesn’t mean very much. Or on a tablet in an actor’s hand. Well, those folks haven’t worked with the incredible Scarab Digital team. Not only do their artistic contributions continually blow me away, they are […]

Caroline Dries, Executive Producer/Showrunner, Batwoman

It was pleasure working with the Scarab Digital Team on Batwoman. Our production is a speeding train and we leaned on our playback to be ready and functional under a steep time pressure. They always delivered. Scarab Digital was put in charge of being able to creatively demonstrate story beats via playback. They also went […]

Chris Bolton, Digital Imaging Technician, Chromatic Pictures

Scarab Digital understands the motion picture industry, its people, and its demands. The thing I like most about Scarab Digital is the flexibility and technical understanding of their talented technicians and creators. Their artists create some really fantastic futuristic HUD’s, the equal of any Hollywood graphics company. And, if you want the latest display technology, […]