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LED Walls & Displays

LED video walls capable of 1500 nits and beyond in film production are now a reality! Incorporating video walls of 1,500 nits for PMP (Poor Man’s Process) Projection and Virtual Production allows Cinematographers’ the ability to bring the outside in, utilizing the walls themselves to light the sets and create exterior shots inside.

Scarab Digital is proud to be the first in the Vancouver film industry to provide qualified IATSE 669 Motion Picture Coordinators (MPVC) Technicians alongside our LED wall inventory. For producers, this means cost efficiency – Scarab Digital can directly control the cost per panel for your project, instead of incurring the higher costs of third-party audio-visual rates, expendables and additional technician labour.

And, we know that every set needs to be unique – our variety of LED walls can turn any Production Designer’s set design into a reality! Ideally suited for sets needing a screen layout of more than 80”, LED walls instantly add that Feature Film scope and depth.

We are committed to offering the best products and the most production value per dollar to our clients. Check out our ever-expanding inventory of LED products.