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LED Studio
Virtual Production

At Scarab Digital, we bridge the gap between ideation and execution, providing
a cost-effective approach to creating engaging and visually rich narratives for screens of all sizes.



At Scarab Digital, we provide comprehensive Virtual Production services under one roof.

Scarab Digital’s LED studio and Virtual Production Services offer an immersive and flexible environment for film, television, and commercial production. Utilizing LED technology, the studio is designed to cater to a wide range of project needs, providing dynamic and customizable virtual backdrops that enhance visual storytelling. 

Our virtual production capabilities allow for real-time scene visualization and adjustments, ensuring creative visions are reliably brought to life with confidence and efficiency. Scarab Digital also provides expert consulting services, ensuring seamless integration of technology and narrative from the earliest stages of production through to the final cut.







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Our Vancouver Location

Unit 190

220 Victoria Dr Terminal City Studio

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Navigate through our studio, to get a feel for the space where your project will come to life.

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Elevate Your Narrative

We offer filmmakers and content creators the tools to push beyond the boundaries of traditional storytelling. 

LED Wall Flexibility

Designed for flexibility, we offer mobile and customizable LED wall pop-up solutions that can be built wherever you need them, catering to your unique camera shoots and creative requirements.

Virtual Testing Proof of Concept your ICVFX

Our remote LED testing service allows you to conduct live video sessions of what your project would look like through a production camera lens virtually.  Allowing for confidence check and evaluation of final pixel before deployment onto a LED volume.  This virtual testing can be done from any location in the world in the comfort of your home or office.

Virtual Production Test and Learn

We have a sandbox for you to play in! Familiarize yourself with VP workflows hands-on, so you can operate with greater speed and efficiency on the actual shoot day. Come check out our sandbox!

Expert Content Development

Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine, we deliver content that scales to the scope of your project, ensuring an engaging and authentic experience.

Spotlight Project: Echos

A Glimpse Into Virtual Storytelling Excellence

Discover ‘Echos’ by Toby Levins, a testament to the storytelling prowess enabled by our virtual production studio. This featured work highlights the seamless integration of digital environments, offering an immersive experience that blurs the line between the physical and virtual realms.


Toby Levins

Director – Producer

“ The idea of this wall was alien to me. I had concerns initially, but throughout the following weeks speaking to Danny, and seeing what could be done, I was pretty quickly convinced, that this offers a lot of opportunity. It opens the door to way more filmmakers, way more creators to stretch what is possible.”

Robin Hays 

Producer – Director 

“Virtual production allows us to turn around very cinematic pieces at a fraction of the time, and very inexpensively. The stage was incredibly helpful, because I was able to do a pre-viz, and problem-solve before we got started. We were also able to keep a contained environment, not having to worry about things like the weather, or crowds.”

Stewart Whelan 

Director of Photography 

“It’s important to have the cinematographer involved to see the lighting of the virtual set. You see the process coming together in a wireframe or a very rudimentary framing. Once you start to light them digitally, it’s similar to us lighting sets, or faces, or people, or scenes. You need to bring your vision to the table, even if it’s on a computer. “

Visual Showcase


Browse our curated gallery to witness the diverse array of productions that have come to life
with Scarab’s contribution within our studio, each telling a unique story through the
lens of Scarab Digital’s innovative technology.

Your Story, Our Technology

Become part of a community that’s reshaping the face of entertainment. Scarab Digital invites you to harness the power of our virtual production technology to create stories that resonate and captivate. 

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Customized Production Solutions

From conceptualization to final cut, our team collaborates closely with creators, offering tailored solutions that fit your unique production needs. Our expertise in LED and virtual production ensures your project benefits from the latest innovations in digital filmmaking.

Danny Ho 

President- Virtual Production Supervisor

Alex Winterwood 

Head of Virtual Production

Ilia Borodine 

Virtual Production DOP

In Collaboration with the Best

Our Esteemed Partners

Scarab Digital is proud to feature a portfolio of partnerships with esteemed studios
and production houses. Our collaborative efforts have produced groundbreaking
content that continues to push the envelope of digital storytelling.


Relieve Post Schedules

Optimize shot timelines and resources with in-camera collaboration during production, reducing the need for extensive post-production work and ensuring a smoother transition from script to screen.

Cost Reduction for Better Value

Virtual production can significantly reduce location and set building costs, giving scope and scale production value while allowing for a more optimized budget and greater immersive experience for performers.

Smaller Carbon Footprint Savings

Reduce environmental impact by leveraging virtual environments, minimizing the need for physical set construction and on-location shooting. Shoot in multiple environments in one day without transport and circus moves.

Unlimited Creative Control

With virtual production, the creative process is liberated from physical constraints, empowering you with full control over every aspect of your environment for a hands-on approach for all those involved at production time.

Craft Your Next Masterpiece with Us

Ready to bring your creative concept to life? Scarab Digital is your partner in innovation, providing you with the tools, technology, and expertise to execute your vision with confidence. Let’s create something extraordinary together.

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